This class consists of movements that are exciting and for all levels. Get ready for a fast paced fitness adventure that will “BURN” a hefty substantial amount of calories. Be prepared to SWEAT!!!


Blast is our high octane condition class! This cardio HIIT class will push you to sprint, jump & crawl, all while developing power, agility and speed.


Working with Kettle Bells helps to develop athletic strength and power while keeping heart rates sky high! We work on the standards; compound and aesthetic lifts to build a foundation of strength for the rest of our classes.


Grynd, one of our toughest classes, is a total body endurance interval workout that will challenge both you-body and mind! These longer circuits will test your strength, skill and resilience in the ultimate fat-burning HIIT workout.


This class “combines” the different timing schemes and movements from our diverse EPIC classes to provide an all-inclusive EPIC experience! This is a great introductory class to sample the entire EPIC arsenal of different movements.


The best athletes know how to use their core! In our approach to core training we’ll tackle your midsection from every angle with a variety of resistance. No crunches here!


Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals